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PTLog Documents

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What PTLog is

PTLog focuses on (1) Pluggability of underlying logging frameworks, (2) Type-based categorization and (3) some formatting utility on Logging.

PTLog does not compete against any other "pure" logging framework (e.g.: JDK Logging API and Apache Log4j), but can co-operate with them as abstraction layer on them.

PTLog may compete against Jakarta Commons Logging(JCL), as abstraction layer of any other underlying logging frameworks. But PTLog can live together with JCL (can also be abstraction layer of JCL!), so you do not have to worry even if your application requires libraries which use JCL, for example.

See "What PTLog is" for detail.

Recommended usage example

Please define your custom "tap" like as shown below, and use it as entry point to issue logging request. This definition will reduce cost of customization in future.

class CustomTap
    extends LogTap

    public CustomTap(Object subject){


    final static
    public LogDirector DIRECTOR = new LogDirector();
    // works as "plug-in point"
    // of underlying logging framework.

Please see "PTLog Basic" for detail.

Table of contents

What PTLog is

details about what PTLog is.


motivation to develop PTLog.

Action items

Action items of current revision.


license of PTLog.


tutorials of PTLog.

API of PTLog

API documentation of PTLog(Javadoc style).

API of PTLog demo

API documentation of PTLog demonstration(Javadoc style).

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PTLog documentation calles this as "JDK Logging API".

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